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Can I use the Animal Escapes card on my own animal?
Yes, sometimes it is necessary in order to house a bigger animal than the one already in place.

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What does “on the loose” mean?
It means a player had housed an animal but it was subsequently set loose because an “Animal escapes” card was played. It can be re-housed by its owner along with other actions, or by another player in lieu of their regular turn. At the end if you have any animals on the loose they do not score for or against you.

I’m stuck: my tiles and animals don’t match.
Try making clever use of your Wild Cards or use the option to exchange either your Animal cards or Terrain tiles.  Or rehouse an animal on the loose.  (See page 2 of directions: “Game Play”)

Which animals in Komodo have more than one card/marker, and why?
The following species have both a 5 and a 10 point card & marker:

  • Desert terrain (Taipan, Thorny Devil);
  • Forest terrain (Tarsier, Tuatara);
  • Grassland terrain (Quoll, Tasmanian Devil, Frilled Lizard);
  • Water (Little Blue Penguin).

The Weta is the only 10 point animal not to have a 5 point partner.

When two of the same species cohabit in a territory, the effect is protective. Not as good as a padlock but it does mean somebody needs to have 2 “Escapes” cards to boot them out!

Also, when playing the collaborative game, utilising the land as economically as possible helps complete the mission.

When I remodel the tiles, can I move an animal with them?
Yes, providing the two basic conditions are met:
1. All animals on the board are left with enough land and
2. Any padlock stays with the animal it was protecting.

Is it OK to leave a disconnected island when remodelling the tiles?
Yes, providing the two basic conditions are met: (see above)

I’ve lost a piece of my game. Can I get a replacement piece?
Yes: just email us Services@schilmilgames.com with the details.

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