Reviews and customer feedback

German Reviewer Michael Vaupel rated Komodo
in his top three games of Essen Spiel 2015

Judges comments from the 2013 Mensa Mind Games
competition in St.Louis (May 2013):

“Neat strategy”
“Fun to play, can see  playing this over and over”
“The game is challenging with enough twists to keep it fun and interesting”
“Fun Play, Attractive Theme”
“I Love it. Best game here”
“Unique and creative as well as educational. Ideal family game”

Melissah and Conan, owners of The 13th Dimension Games Store, Albury, NSW wrote:
“Conan and I cracked open a copy of Komodo last night. We absolutely LOVED it.
We love how simple the rules are. It really allows you to spend your time concentrating on the strategy. We also really loved how quickly it escalates! One minute you’re putting down tiles and housing little monkeys and then – BAM! – you’ve got a whole bunch of water in your hand, a few squares of desert, and a couple of grassland animals hanging out, waiting for a home.” – March 2013

Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower   –  “an excellent family game that the kids went bonkers over”.  November 2012

Review of Komodo and Raid the Pantry by Angela Jacobsen, in NZ Lawyer magazine, 21 September 2012 “It’s similar to those European-type strategy games like Carcassonne, but, in my opinion, a lot more fun and interactive, with definitely less arguments.”

Review by Vince Paone of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on his blog: Dad’s Gaming Addiction, July 2012 “If you are a fan of strategic tile- laying games, then I recommend that you give this one a good, long look.”

Review of Komodo by Moss Scheurkogel on the Games Shopper, the official game blog of The Games Shop, Melbourne. June 2012 “Komodo is, above all else, fun. It is entertaining, challenging, and full of variety.”

Review of Raid the Pantry & Komodo by Susan Baldacci on Radio New Zealand’s “Afternoons with Jim Mora” 19 June 2012. The Komodo review starts at 4min 20 sec


A family play Komodo at Board Games By the Bay 2012

How the game idea developed.                                            About the animals of Komodo.

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