The Komodo Animals

New Zealand Fur Seal

How we selected the animals for Komodo

First and foremost, the game required animals that inhabit four terrain types, and they needed to be different sizes, in rough accordance with the territories players would be building.  We focused on South Pacific animals both because our company is based in Auckland and because we knew there were many unique and appealing species in our part of the world.  However, our initial set contained a few from Southeast Asia, notably the orangutan, that we soon learned could not be considered Australasian.


Historically, Australasia has been a geopolitical term encompassing just Australia and New Zealand, but we wanted a slightly larger range in order to include primates, unusual birds, and of course the komodo dragon itself, which had become the game’s namesake.  Biology came to the rescue in the form of the Wallace Line, which is used to separate fauna between Australasian and Southeast Asian zones.

All Komodo animals live east of this line, in a zone including Sulawesi, New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.  Within these geographic constraints, we endeavored to select the most diverse set of animals we could in terms of size, type, dietary habits and conservation status.

Why is the game called Komodo?

The Komodo dragon is the largest scoring animal as it requires 25 units of land to house him. Also, Amanda thought the word rolled nicely off the tongue, of which our creature has a rather long specimen.

Photo courtesy of Nina Hofstadler



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