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An asteroid plunges towards the South Pacific. Scientists predict a strike in the region within a few weeks.

Yes, the world is in chaos but as a zoologist your special mission is to prevent the extinction of Australasian animals. Fortunately, you’ve got a plan to build them a new environment, but time is short. The survival of entire species depends on you, but your colleagues don’t share your priorities, so you must be ruthless.

Expect treachery as you fight tooth and claw to create the space and new habitat that your animals need to survive.

In Komodo the board is created from the multi-coloured Terrain tiles that are positioned during play.  With fifty tiles that can be rotated any way, the board configuration is different every time you play.

Ten types of Wild Cards allow many ways to mix things up when your tiles alone are not enough to outwit your opponents.  Spatial and numerical skills, strategy, cunning and a dose of sneakiness will all help you win.

Strategise:  Players who enjoy a more strategic game can play the ‘Tame the Wildness” version – at the end of your turn you choose which Wild Card to use next turn.

Collaboration: You can also play Komodo as a team, sharing resources to fight off random threats in an attempt to save all the species. Instead of sneakiness you will need good communication, consideration and forward planning as well as your spatial skills.

All three versions are detailed in the Komodo rule book

2-4 players aged 10+                                                          45-60 minutes.

How the game idea developed.                                            About the animals of Komodo.

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